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Can you guys post actual Harry potter quotes? Not trying to be mean i just want to see some :)  

"We do not take quotes from (or relating to) the Harry Potter books, because the purpose of this blog is to find the crossover in other works. Quotations by JK Rowling that do not pertain to the Harry Potter books, however, are welcome.”

We do once in a blue moon post Harry Potter quotes for when we hit follower marks. You can find them at these links:

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You are the best.

Seriously, I’m pretty sure our followers are the best.

We’ve just reached another massive number of followers and we want to say thank you.


We love you. :)

For those of you who are one of our many thousands of new followers, you may not have seen a post like this before. Our tradition is that, every time we hit a big milestone, we publish a set of quotations that actually come from the Harry Potter books (which you may have noticed we don’t take generally); we choose one character every time and then choose quotes of theirs that we can sort. In this case, we went with McGonagall (in the past, we’ve done Dumbledore, and the Weasley twins).

Anyway, thanks! Especially to those of you who submit to us, as that’s how this blog runs, and double especially to those of you who are polite when submitting or letting us know that there has been an error in our posts.

xo Carmen + Fiona

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Remember how, like 8 months ago, we posted a set of quotes by Albus Dumbledore, because we had passed a certain number of followers and we were impressed with you guys and thankful and stuff?

Well, we’re doing it again! We’ve passed another major follower count, and this is our thank you note.

So, thank you. You guys are great. We would never have made it to this point without you guys and your submissions.


xo Carmen + Fiona

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Due to multiple factors, Fiona and I have stopped taking 4-house submissions at this time.

Partly this is due to the fact that they are really quite difficult to put together in an aesthetically-pleasing fashion. You may have noticed that some of the more recent ones don’t look very nice, and that would be because I was fed up with doing them and not trying, which is just not nice for you or me.

Partly, too, we have begun to feel that the 4-house option is kind of a catch-all for those quotes that people may really like, but don’t quite fit anywhere else. The idea behind the first 4-house quotes was for them to promote the unity of the houses, not for any old quote that looked nice.

We suggest that if you want to see a quotation that you really enjoy, but can’t find a house for, you should submit it to other blogs, for instance: whitepaperquotes or typewrittenword.

Thanks so much for understanding,

xo Carmen + Fiona

PS: If you have recently submitted a 4-house quotation, we will complete those that have already been submitted to us. All others from this point on will be left around until we discuss this issue once more (in other words, indefinitely).

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