Anonymous said:
Hi, don't know if there's a reason for it or anything but I just wanted to say you just posted the same ravenclaw quote twice. Love your work, xxx  

Thank you for letting us know! It has now been corrected to show the right quote. :)

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Anonymous said:
i would love to see more quotes revolving around creativity and originality for ravenclaw, rather than just the same old "ravenclaws are smart and brainy" quotes. there are other traits ravenclaws possess that could use some recognition too :)  


If you would like to see more quotes of a certain type, we welcome you to submit them!


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Anonymous said:
When submitting a quote from a fan fiction work do we also cite the work the fiction is based on? If so how does this change the formatting?  


Thanks for your question. Yes, please cite the original work as well.

You can see our formatting system here at the submissions page. Insert the original title as if you were citing an episode title, after the title of the fanfiction.

Thank you!

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Anonymous said:
I want to submit quotes from The Thick of It but the show doesn't have episode titles, do I just leave them out?  


Thanks for the question! Yes, as long as all of your other information is correct, episode titles are no big deal.

Please go to the submissions page to submit. :)


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Anonymous said:
are you accepting slytherin quotes again yet?  

Yes! Sorry. Forgot to announce it.

Please go to the submissions page to submit.

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Anonymous said:
Please some lyrics of Nirvana and Green day? And more of Buffy the vampire slayer please!!!! Of more Percy Jackson :) ;)  

If you are looking for quotes by certain people, please submit some!

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Anonymous said:
When we submit a quote, do we have to tell you what house it goes with or are you willing to decide that?  

You decide! :)

Head to the submissions page to submit!

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Anonymous said:
I really like this blog! But may I ask something? Could you post more quotes from lyrics? I like music :)  


If there are certain quotes that you would like to see, please submit them!


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Anonymous said:
Is it ok to submit lyrics to one part of a song and then submit another part of the same song if there is not enough space?  

Yes, but they will have to be made as two separate quotes. (If your submission doesn’t fit into one askbox, then it will also be too long to fit our quote template.)  :)


Sorry for just posting this now, anon! I don’t even know when this got asked, but for some reason when Fiona replies to stuff, it sometimes ends up in our drafts folder which I pretty much never check…

Sorry about that!

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Anonymous said:
OK, who here is the Nancy Drew fan? You keep posting things with Nancy Drew quotes and that is pretty wonderful, but wHO? I need to know so I may follow the heck out of this/these person(s)  

Fess up, Nancy Drew fan! Anon is looking for you. :)

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Anonymous said:
How long is your queue?  

Currently 200 quotes. Plus another about 240 made and waiting to queue. Plus 195 in the inbox waiting to be made.

We get lots of great submissions from you guys. :)

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Anonymous said:
Hi! I was wondering where I have to submit quotes..I have a few but don't know how to get them to you :)  

Please go to our submissions page to submit, and remember to read the rules before submitting!


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Anonymous said:
Just so you know, it's not possible to use search bar on mobile for iphones. I don't have access to a computer so I'm sorry if I turn in a quote that's already done.  

If the search bar isn’t working on mobile for people, using the address bar is another great option. For example, type in:
and all the Albert Einstein quotes will come up. :)

 - Fiona

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Anonymous said:
Hey I just wanted to say I love your blog and you are fab  

Aww, thank you! :)

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