Anonymous said:
OK, who here is the Nancy Drew fan? You keep posting things with Nancy Drew quotes and that is pretty wonderful, but wHO? I need to know so I may follow the heck out of this/these person(s)  

Fess up, Nancy Drew fan! Anon is looking for you. :)

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Anonymous said:
How long is your queue?  

Currently 200 quotes. Plus another about 240 made and waiting to queue. Plus 195 in the inbox waiting to be made.

We get lots of great submissions from you guys. :)

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Anonymous said:
Hi! I was wondering where I have to submit quotes..I have a few but don't know how to get them to you :)  

Please go to our submissions page to submit, and remember to read the rules before submitting!


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Anonymous said:
Just so you know, it's not possible to use search bar on mobile for iphones. I don't have access to a computer so I'm sorry if I turn in a quote that's already done.  

If the search bar isn’t working on mobile for people, using the address bar is another great option. For example, type in:
and all the Albert Einstein quotes will come up. :)

 - Fiona

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Anonymous said:
Hey I just wanted to say I love your blog and you are fab  

Aww, thank you! :)

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Anonymous said:
I don't think the Slytherin quotes sound 'evil'. I see them as ambitious, cunning and determined, and are those not the traits of a Slytherin?  

Hi anon,

Of course it all depends on viewpoint. What may be considered evil to one person may not be to another.

Still, there’s a pretty wide range of what might be considered Slytherin, as you’ll notice in the range of quotations that I linked to when answering the last ask. What we like to see is our submitters’ ideas of what each house is, so if that anon wants to see more ambition, and less cunning, for example, we can still see the Slytherin there.


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Anonymous said:
Not all Slytherins are evil. Not all the posts have to be like that.  

Hi anon,

I’m not actually sure what post you are referring to, but please find some Slytherin quotes that are not meant to sound evil.

But if you still aren’t finding quotes that you like, we would love for you to submit some.


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Anonymous said:
Can I submit translated song lyrics even if the original lyrics are in a different language?  

For sure, and you can do this in one of two ways:

1. The lyrics in the original language, with the accompanying translation, and citation.

2. An officially translated version of the lyrics, if there is one. Lyrics like these aren’t usually meant to be a direct translation, but something that translates well musically, so we’d take this version by itself if there is one.

Hope this is helpful! :)

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Anonymous said:
The last quote you published, about the man not giving the kissing the attention it deserves was said by Albert Einstein. I just thought I'd let you know as it's labelled anonymous :)  

This quote actually originally appeared (in a few different iterations) in various roadside safety billboards in the 1920s, and then was attributed to Einstein. 

We’ve tagged it as Albert Einstein though, to help people find it. :)

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Anonymous said:
So how exactly should I formulate the quote I'm submitting? i want to submit a few quotes from books but I'm not sure how to. Should it be quote, character (book, author)?  

You can find the format for submitting quotes on our submit page:

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Anonymous said:
How do I submit a quote? Do I just out it in the ask or what? Sorry for bothering you, I'm just a little confused  

No problem! Just follow this link to submit a quote you want to see:

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Anonymous said:
Hey, if we want to submit a song that is a traditional/folk song do we list it as such or credit the artist singing it?  

Folk/traditional songs without a known author should be submitted in this format:

HOUSE: “Quote.” –Folk Song/Traditional (Title)

Alternatively, if you’re using a specific version of a folk song (there are often multiple versions of the lyrics and they can vary from region to region), you could additionally cite the original print collection in which it appeared. For example:

HOUSE: “Quote.” –Folk Song/Traditional (The English and Scottish Popular Ballads: “Title”)

Hope the helps! :)

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Anonymous said:
Hi, I want to submit a quote from Pandora Hearts, but in the manga it's in quotes, like Duke Barma is quoting someone. I can't find the quote anywhere else on the internet, would I just say it was said by him instead, with the name of the author too?  

Yup, that should work fine. Thanks for the question! :)

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