Anonymous said:
So, can I give you quotes to use?  

Submissions should be sent through the submissions page. Please be sure to read the rules before you submit, and follow the guidelines.


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Anonymous said:
Please don't throw around the word trigger. For people that actually have disorders that make certain objects/places/persons/situations put them into a triggered state it devalues what they go through. It made people uncomfortable. That's that. You deleted the quote, which is what you are allowed to do, because people alerted you to the fact that the person was a criminal and it made them uncomfortable. The end.  

The criminal activities were of the triggering sort.

My apologies if I came off as flippant about it.

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Anonymous said:
To quote your post: "(...) this blog was going to be based on quotations of the famous, infamous (...)" There was a quote a couple of weeks ago that was removed because the quote was inappropriate, coming from a criminal of some sorts? A criminal is infamous too, right?  

I’m not sure what you’re trying to imply. Yes, a criminal is infamous.

I didn’t reblog this because I was still trying to justify why I deleted that quote. That issue is finished; the quote was deleted because people alerted us to the fact that seeing that person’s name was triggering. I was reblogging it to remind everyone that we don’t take quotes from non-famous people.


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Anonymous said:
It might just be me, but that last slytherin post seems more gryffindor to me than anything. What do you think?  

If you think quotes work for a house, please submit them.


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Anonymous said:
Hello, I am a French person and there is a mistake in your last quote /post/82135356262, it's «eux-mêmes» not «leurs-même» («Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes.»)  

Fixed! Thanks!

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Anonymous said:
What font do you use?  

Hi, we use Throw My Hands Up in the Air.

xo Carmen

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Anonymous said:
Hey, sorry but the last one you posted (the fall out boy one from the song save rock and roll) those aren't the right lyrics. The real ones are "I will defend the faith going down swinging" (I know it's not your fault just letting you know)  

Fixed! Thanks!

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Anonymous said:
/post/80941631053 includes a quote from a recently exposed rapist and serial sexual harasser of minors is there any chance you can pull this post?  

Hi there,

Thanks for making us aware of this. We did not have any idea of that when we made that quote.

I’m going to pull it down. I’ll put up another Hufflepuff quote in its place that will be posted very soon, although it will be posted in the wrong order.

My apologies about that, and about the quote.

xo Carmen

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Anonymous said:
Maybe you guys should up the queue to get rid of some of the Slytherin asks quicker?  

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve actually already asked my co-admin whether or not she thinks we should, but she’s on holiday and I’m waiting to hear back.

Also, because we maintain an order (Gryffindor - Hufflepuff - Ravenclaw - Slytherin) this only works up until we run out of one of the other houses.


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Anonymous said:
How do I do the whole house application thing? I'm confuzzled. Plz help!  

I’m not sure what you mean…but if you’re talking about submitting, there’s a template on the submissions page that you can use to submit!

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Anonymous said:
Hello! In that last Slytherin quote, the author's name is Catherynne, not Katherynne. Thought you might want to fix it in the tag, at least, for better search purposes! :)  

Thanks for letting us know! I’ll fix the tag now. :)

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Anonymous said:
why don't you take FM submissions? what's the difference?  

A couple of reasons.

Firstly, as far as we can tell, there is a higher limit to the number of characters available to a person in a fanmail rather than through the askbox. But we have to have a limit as to how long the quotes can be because we use a template to make it faster for us to make quotes. The right limit, as far as we can tell, is one askbox length.

Secondly, when this rule was originally set up, people had to go to the submissions page (unless they used missing e. or xKit) to submit through the askbox, which meant that they had to read the rules. Unfortunately, Tumblr has implemented an askbox directly from the dashboard, which makes it so that people no longer are forced to read the rules before submitting. Fanmail also doesn’t have to routed through a specific page before being sent, so that was the other part of that rule.

You may have noticed us reblogging the rules more often and this is why.

I’m still crossing my fingers that Tumblr changes it so we can turn off the “ask via dashboard” feature…

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Anonymous said:
Why are most of the slytherin quotes about being power hungry and evil? I feel like there are more to slytherins than that  

This blog runs on submissions from readers like you. So people’s own impressions of each house is what drives which quotes they submit for which house.

I don’t know that I would classify most of our Slytherin quotes as being evil. It’s worth remembering the ambitious nature of Slytherins, of course, but if you are looking to change the gist of the quotations that are made, my best suggestion to you is to submit!

Of course, what I need more than Slytherin submissions right now is Ravenclaw ones, but we do love all submissions.

Thanks! :)

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Anonymous said:
Is it okay to submit one of your own quotes? :)  

Sorry, no. We don’t take quotes from personal accounts or from people who aren’t already in the public eye. You can read more about our reasons for that here.


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Anonymous said:
How does this thing work?  

That depends on what you mean by “this thing.” I’m assuming you mean the submissions box. There are rules on the submissions page.


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